Mystery bird call... Still a mystery!

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    Hi Gus, I think you might be right, I've racked my brains and searched calls, it does sound exotic. What is unusual is that I hear it from different locations, so it's not caged or flightless. ....

  • Hi all I have the exact same here in Manchester, comes from different areas so it's not caged, been hearing if for around a year or so. I'll add some audio.
  • Hi I think my audio of the mystery bird is uploaded 

  • I have been hearing this mystery call for a year or two near my home on the German Baltic coast. I live very close to the Darss National Park and found this thread while trying to investigate the call. Your recording is definitely the same bird, but I haven't been able to discover what it is.
    We had a hoopoe visit our garden last April, which is very rare. Managed to take some photos. But the hoopoe's call is always monotone, isn't it? This call has that distinct high note and then a low note.
    Will keep you posted if I discover anything from the local experts. Ben
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    To my ears, Gaz, that may not be the same bird as in the original post. Do you hear that call at night, in the day, both?

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  • Hi Dave,

    I just hear the bird call in the day, very strange Ive never heard it any where else. At first I thought it was a owl of some kind but I'm sure it's not. I also never get to see the bird itself, very frustrating but amusing. Cheers David

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    Hi Ben yes all very strange, I never get to see the bird which is frustrating and amusing at the same time, make me smile and grab the binoculars when I hear it calling.

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