Starling-proof Suet Feeder?

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    David W said:
    They are quite pricey so just want to make sure sparrows can get in before I buy...

    Hi David, yes sparrows can get in the one I illustrated. They are quite expensive but worth it if you want to keep starlings off. The same design can also be obtained HERE but they are about the same price.



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    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the quick response, it's very much appreciated.

    I will buy the one you illustrated on here and then consider the 2 port seed feeder you sent in the link.



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    An update on my earlier post... it has taken a month but the starlings have finally worked out that they can fit through the 4cm mesh.  Back to the drawing board.

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    Hi Richard P.

    This feeder really keeps the starlings out.

    Its from CJ Wildlife. Code SKU 94551 and its a Suet & Mealworm Feeder. Hope this helps.


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    These look good,who makes them?
  • Hi all,

    I have a similar problem with Starlings on my urban balcony from this week. Initially I had a Robin visiting a tray and it loves Berry nibbles although it doesn't like the Peckish seed mix, maybe it's the wrong type of seeds. This week Starlings have discovered my feeder and not only does the Robin not have a chance but they have left my balcony in disarray by breaking many of my plants! I'm thinking of getting a nibble feeder with a guardian so the Robin can still get its Berry nibbles. I'm also hoping more small birds will come as a Coal Tit visited only once a few months ago. Do you think it will be good enough to keep the Starlings away?

    Thanks! :-)