seeds for sparrows

  • We  have upwards of 30 sparrows feeding , we noticed they were throwing most of the wild bird seed on the ground , so just fed Sunflower hearts and fat balls through the summer. The other day I found a bag of wild bird seed in the cupboard and filled a large feeder with some. In just over a day it has been emptied with no spillage. I can only assume that now there is less food about they are not so fussy.



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  • Hi,

    I am new to the community (just joined today). I was looking for information on house sparrows as I got a window feeder the other day. I use to have a hanging bird house style feeder (which the sparrows loved) however tons of starlings got to the food leaving them with nothing. So I bought a window feeder and added my normal mix (sunflower flower seeds with peanut kernels) and the other day I bought berry suet pellets too. I also have a hook on the window with a wired mesh feeder full of peanuts but so far no sparrows have tried it out.

    I read that sparrows don’t like change (same with autistic people such as myself) so i don’t know if it’s going to take weeks for them to turn up.
    My neighbour is a HUGE bird lover and has loads of feeders full of different seeds etc and we always chat about the birds when we see each other.

    I really would like to help the sparrows out as well as the robins we always see. I just hope they will like the window feeder and won’t get disrupted with seeing us (I have it on the kitchen window since we only go in there for food & drinks).

    Any advice would be welcomed! x