Will a life size sculpture of a blackbird scare other birds away?

Hello, only my second question here, so apologies in advance if it’s daft.
My husband wants to buy me a life sized little sculpture/statue of a male blackbird on a garden fork. It’s pretty lifelike (to me; maybe not a bird?) I realise a blackbird is not a predator (most advice is about plastic owls), but male blackbirds are regular visitors to my garden (two had a fight here about a fortnight ago while a third sneaked in and ate the food I think the other two were fighting over). I’m clueless but keen; I’ve tried hard to make my garden attractive to birds and don’t want to put them off. I’ve tried googling, but everything I read is about deliberately scaring birds away, while I want to do the opposite. Does anyone have advice? I don’t need aesthetic advice, however, thank you:). Clare