Single mother blackbird

I have been watching a female blackbird build it’s nest in my garden. She has sat on her eggs and is now feeding young but there has been no sign of a male blackbird throughout. She really is amazing but what can I do to help her. What food would help? Not only for the fledglings but also for her?

  • Hi Been,  although there are natural foods like worms/insects around if you want to add food maybe either rehydrated dried mealworms (pre-soaked in hot water for around an hour) or live mealworms if finances allow as they are a little more expensive than seed.  


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Now they have cleared the wild cherries (with help from pigeons, finches and others), food of choice for blackbirds here is raspberries. Briefly was blackcurrants until they were covered over.
  • Thanks to both of you. We have lots of blackcurrants and some raspberries so will get some. Also a good idea to soak dried mealworms. I’m also checking around my pots for slugs and snails.
  • RE slugs and snails, would be interested to know how that goes. I've never seen blackbirds eating either, despite what is sometimes written. Song thrushes are regular snail eaters, esp in the Summer and during dry spells. Blackbirds do have a wide variety of options they seem to prefer. e.g. tadpoles, worms and fruit.