Magpie fledgling

Found a fledgling magpie on our lawn yesterday afternoon. Initially thought it was dead as it was lying on its side and had some flies on it. On closer inspection it was alive and was able to wriggle a bit but couldn’t stand up or sit upright. We had to lift it off the ground so our dog couldn’t get to it. We then left it and kept an eye out for the parents as we know we have the best near by. 
the pre st did come down to it once but after that they’ve not been backdown to it.. when it got dark we bought it into the garage and then placed him back in the same spot this morning. He looks in worse shape today. Opening and closing his beak and sticking out his tongue. Tried to offer up some soaked dog kibble with tweezers, but he hasn’t taken it. Called 24 hour vest last night but was generally unhelpful. One said I had to call rspca to get a case number before I could bring it in. And the other referred me to tiggywinkles but they only take larger mammals in the out of hours according to the voice Mail.

question is what to do now?

  • Hi Katie,
    The advice for fledglings tends to be to let nature take its course, which humans find really tricky. Add to that the current outbreak of avian flu and rescue centers being overwhelmed with their usual causalities there is a reluctance to take sick birds as opposed to road casualties and orphans.
    If the maggy is still alive then wet cat food it your best option, add some water to it to make a slightly wetter mix, so you know that you are getting water into it, you could also offer drops of water off a plastic syringe (boots do them for childrens meds) …Good luck …. One final word of caution, if the bird makes it you will have a bird for life, magpies can bond strongly to their caregivers and it can build to an interesting relationship - I still have scars from a domesticated magpie

    Cin J

  • In reply to Germain:

    Unfortunately it didn’t make it. Was about to take it to St Tiggywinkles came out to get it and it had passed away.