Robin nesting

Hello all, this is probably going to sound very silly. I have a Robin nesting in a broken air vent in my utility room which is just off of our kitchen. I am not concerned about its presence and we are all very excited to watch it but I'm worried we might disturb it with our noise; playing music, kids, dogs etc. Will it be OK in there?

  • Hi Sarah, robins are quite bold and fairly tolerant of humans but would suggest you keep the use of the utility room to an absolute minimum to lessen any disturbance, keeping the door to utility closed from the kitchen if that is possible and definitely keep the dogs out of that room and explain to the children that although it can be exciting to watch the bird nesting, it is best to keep as quiet as possible and watch from a distance. Once a bird has laid one piece of nesting material to build a nest (wherever it may be) it is then protected by wildlife law. If the nest is successful and eventually the chicks fledge it may be an idea to fix the broken vent to prevent any future nest building. Good luck and just do your best to give the robin as much peace and quiet as possible; too much disturbance and the female may abandon the nest.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Thank you, we can't avoid using the washing machine in there but it's not a room we use all day every day as such so we will keep the door shut and try and keep noise to a minimum for the time being. We will definately fix the vent once the nest is no longer in use and put a bird box up instead.