Young dead starting found near nest

Hi there,

We recently discovered we have a Starling family living in our attic. Our fault for not blocking the holes so we plan to wait until the young grow up and block it when they have gone. They come in an out a small hole under the gutter and today we found one dead and stiff outside on the ground, just under the hole. I had been out there an hour earlier and there was no bird so, it must have been recent. It’s body was intact but his head particularly around the eyes were very damaged as if it had been pecked or something. I took some pictures but they are graphic so won’t post them unless requested.

Mainly curious what most likely happened to the bird, the hole looks too small for a crow or magpie to get in. Perhaps it had an illness which effected its eyes and the mother removed it from the nest after it died? Any thoughts would be appreciated.