Unusually placid Pigeons? One injured, others look young.....

Over the past week we have been visited by several unusually carefree Pigeons, probably the same one's - notably an adult, with a damaged wing and two smaller one's that can but don't willingly fly. All are resting in different places around the garden, on the drive, or on a neighbours drive and do not move until we are 3 or 4 feet away.

Should I attempt to capture the injured one? Past experience suggest there's little that can be done. Or let nature takes it's course and hope they are not taken by one of several local cats.

  • I'm no expert, though I'm sure someone will come along with a definitive answer, but I will ask are the feral or wood pigeons?

    It could be with the pigeons staying together they are from the same family and possibly the two that can but won't fly are not fully weaned, but seem to be able to fend for themselves.

    As for the injured one, nature can be a bit brutal at times, and nature would take its course, whereas treating would most likely require a veterinary skill or local rescue centre, most likely the RSPCA, national contact number: 0300 123 4999

    Rescue centres you can look up on the web easily enough.


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