Is this a ring ouzel?

Experts, can anyone help me out, is this sound recording a ring ouzel? I got a good look at it, I am almost certain it had the white chest crescent and was black otherwise, and blackbird sized. But it's on my local patch which is not famed for anything remotely uncommon, I am never that lucky and am doubting myself. The recording doesn't sound exactly like the examples online but is generally similar.

  • Not many contributors will have heard ring ouzel. I haven't. Still on a do list in retirement. Never spent long enough in their parts of the country to have a reasonable chance of seeing as well as hearing one up to now. Come to think of it, my holidays have never coincided with their singing period either.

    Replied to bump post up to top to increase chances of someone else seeing it who might be able to answer.

  • The description is pretty solid for Ring Ouzel and the callis similar to what we were listening to last week on a visit to Upper Nidderdale. Great bird to see sometimes referred to as Mountain Blackbird


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