Bird diversity

Having lived in the glorious Mendip Hills for the last 40 years, I am now living in a housing estate in a coastal region.  With the exception of seagulls, magpies, pigeons, starlings and sparrows, we have no other visitors. What can I do to encourage more diversity?   I should be so

grateful for any ideas.

We do have hedgehogs in abundance and I know I should be grateful for that!

  • Presumably you have a garden? Creation of habitat is the first thing to do. Depends on garden as to what to suggest.
  • Small suburban garden. Planning a pond soon to bring in insects etc and a small tree. It's not just us, I think it is general in the area. I am wondering if it would be worth contacting neighbours but ideas must be low cost. Small gardens means difficult to have wild areas.
  • You could have a look at this:

    But it sounds like you’re already working on the big ones (tree and pond). Compost heaps are the other one. Bird table and /or hanging feeders. Plant year-round nectar. Create places birds can take shelter while eating.

    Any use for starters?
  • As others have suggested, it's all about the environment really. Water, trees, bushes, flowers - try and use natives and aim for a mix that gives you pollen for as long a season as possible. More insects will mean more birds, especially if you can hide a nest box or two around the garden, some feeders and the like. Ultimately you'll probably want to encourage neighbours to try and do the same thing so there's a larger area suitable. Looking wider, is there an open area nearby that would be suitable for a bit of re-wilding? Councils can sometimes be surprisingly amenable to such suggestions, especially if it minimises maintenance for them (look at the recent "Say no to the mow" campaign getting councils to reduce verge cutting to encourage flowers beside the road)


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  • Thank you everyone. It is all helpful. Having moved from a larger garden I realise it is all about the community, not just my garden. I think should look into our local rewilding projects.
  • If you provide the habitat and provide food and water the birds usually follow


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • I agree with comments already posted. If the garden is small, there is a limit to what can be done. However, a lot can be! Compost heaps are very good, esp ones that allow access. Ponds as you've already mentioned. Plants that provide nectar, esp in Winter and early Spring are good. Lots of options, and bumblebee trust provides info on what's best for bees. Cover is important, and if that can be planting that also provides flowers and berries, so much the better. Berberis and pyracantha are good.
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    Thank you Robbie