swift or house martin

I am not 100 % i think these are swifts

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    I’m not an expert but I am very sure these are house martins. Swifts are normally all brown/black and have a unique look to them. Very cute birds though
  • 100% House Martins, 0% Swifts. Swifts are all brown.



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    Thank you Ellis TeeJay has confirmed as well, i agree they are a lovely little bird
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    Thank you Tony for confirming, I have been going through my list of birds that i have seen since i started birdwatching in 2019, and this is why i have been posting for confirmation on some of the species that i have named wrongly after looking at them again, I looked in my bird book and saw the alpine swift that has got a white belly and the photos were not that great from an id point of view, and reading the discription of the alpine swift its a larger bird and its an unlikely visitor to britain and if i had read this earlier i may have come to a different conclusion. I am still learning but its great to be able to get confirmation from more knowledable people on this site. Thank you again
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    Just a thought on the "larger bird" description i love robins, we've a number of Alpine Swift colonies here locally, and (while I'm not disputing that they are larger) have never remarked on a noticeable difference.

    If you put them next to each other in a police ID parade maybe...