Zebra Finch Advice

Hi its a bit of a long story but I hope I can get some advice from all you experts out there. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. OK so 5 years ago I had a pair of finches (rio and pierre) & 3 years ago we got another pair and a larger cage. Sadly pierre passed away last year. He hit the window and never recovered. He was around 3-4 years old. That left us with 3 finches and ever since pierre passed, rio has been bullied by the other two. I'm not 100% sure but I think they have damaged his wings so I separated them. Rio seems to have droopy wings and also doesn't look like a zebra Finch anymore. He's lost his stripes around his face and his feathers have gone blotchy and black. His tweet is very quiet. He used to look exactly like the other finches but now the poor thing looks poorly. Do you think this is old age or something else? Thanks in advance

  • This is essentially a wildlife forum, I can only suggest you will get better advice from a caged/pet bird forum than you will on here. Other than to say distress is pretty common in caged birds, unless any members here keep caged birds we are unlikely to have any knowledge of caged bird behaviour and/or diseases or plumage conditions.