A beautiful mallard has laid an egg in our garden!

Hi All!

I am new here but have joined because I want to do everything I can to help this lovely lady. 

We have not long moved into a new house (a month in) and since we have been in lock down almost the the whole time we have been here we have obviously been doing a lot of work in the garden. 

But today, while gardening we found an egg!!!!

We had noticed a duck in the garden a few days back but thought nothing of it as our neighbour has a very big pond/small lake. However, it is now apparent that she has decided to lay in our garden. 

There doesn't seem to be any evidence of a nest, just the egg under a potted tree. As soon as we noticed we have avoided the area save from putting some food out and a bowl of water (there is no water between us and outrneighbours pond, about 200 metres and 2 houses away). 

We want to do everything we can to help. We have read that she probably has quite a few more eggs to come! Between 8 and 14? Any advice would be appriciated? What food should we put out? And what about water? We have put a bowl out but will this be enough? We thought it strange that she has laid so far away from water. 

We are very excited but very aware that we don't know much about it so would really love to hear from you all. 

We will keep you updated with her story...hopefully it will be a long and happy one