Old pigeon or young fledgling?

This morning I left my front door open as I was wandering in and out of the garden. I went inside to get some bird feed and as I approached the front door to go outside a large pigeon strolled straight in, right past me and my boyfriend, and headed toward the bathroom.

It's is large (I think a wood pigeon, though lacks the colouration around the neck). It black feet in very good condition and wispy brown hair like fibres poking out of its feathers. I'm not sure if this is a young pigeon unable to fly or an old pigeon looking for a final place of rest?

I managed to get it out of the house and put a tube leading into a log pile which I (not aggressively) pushed him into so he's safe from the neighbours cats. He has been sat in there since, but isn't eating or drinking anything. Can anyone shed some light on what the situation is and how to go about care?