This is our first post, hope the picture are interesting, if so I will post the video (its 9MB so I will have to find out how to reduce it). Our trail-cam caught this in the nearby woods, we were very excited to see it as we've not seen one before. We're also a bit puzzled as we are high up on the North Downs in Kent, i.e. its woodland but nowhere near any water, ditches etc..

  • No expert but it does look like one, and wecome to the forums Nutchy.

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  • Hi Nutchy welcome to the community.

    To save space on the RSPB servers you need to put the video on Youtube first and then link it onto here.

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  • Hi Nutchy, welcome form me up in the very far north of Scotland, in Caithness. Look forward to seeing any further photos or videos once you get them posted. Hope you enjoy begin here.

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  • ... and here is the video !