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Hi all,

My wife and I were doing some toy shed spring cleaning when we discovered what I am pretty sure was a mouse nest in the back corner. I have a couple of questions on how to deal with them and would really appreciate any thoughts.

The thought of mice nesting in the shed doesn't bother me at all - in fact I like the idea that they deem it acceptable! I'm sure that the rabbit hutch that backs onto the shed makes it more amenable! My questions are whether, as the shed is only about ten feet from the house, if I don't disturb the nest am I just giving the mice free access to over-winter indoors? I'm not comfortable with purposely destroying any kind of nest, however I also don't want a house full of mice!

We left the nest where it was, however it's inside one of the kids toys which for this year we can pretend no longer exists rather than disturb the nest. I was wondering however whether in, say late summer or autumn, I should put some kind of small wooden box in there for them. If there's no risk them nesting close to the house, and they are going to nest in there, I'd rather not risk having a mountain bike or cricket bat fall on a soft nest and cause damage to them.

Maybe we're being a bit soft, but any guidance greatly appreciated. Many thanks.


  • It's diffecult david, l know we had mice in our loft by the side of our bedroom could hear them sometimes queek in the night which made me jump, was worried like you would in crease in number if we didn't get on top of them, so at to get rid of them. We have them out side has we live in the country l always feel long has there out side that's there space but indoors his mine. ls there a mice website you could ask, l wonder with the rabbit hut being near by where the food from that is encouraging them. Yas

  • In reply to Simon:

    David I wouldn't encourage the mice so close to the house. Admittedly they are cute and in small numbers they appear harmless. But they do procreate big and they do dig up tunnels in your garden. Soon enough they will find themselves in the house, particularly if your house does not have a solid base (i.e. is not built on concrete or a layer of asphalt). I have seen that happening in a friend's house with a regular plank flooring base. She did end up with a house full of mice.

    Taking also into account that, as all wild animals, mice can be carriers of various types of disease I am personally not keen at all to cohabiting with them, much as I love wildlife.

    I would prompt the little darlings to look for another place to nest.

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  • In reply to Marina P:

    Thanks for the replies guys - much appreciated. I'll see what can be done with the nest but you're right Yas, we've seen mice at the rabbit food in the hutch so I'm sure that's a big factor. The house doesn't have a concrete base - too old for that - and having lived with mice at my parents it's not something I'd fancy, especially with youngsters.

    Thanks again