Norfolk Holiday Report Day #3 Sunday

Norfolk Holiday Report Back Day #3 Sunday: Happisburgh, Poppyland Tearoom & Horsey

This is probably more historical than nature, for those who missed "Norfolk holiday Pt 2, Day 2; Saturday"

or click the link Point right Norfolk holiday Pt 2, Day 2; Saturday 

Starting with another pleasant sunrise

from the garden

Cromer Lighthouse showing perfectly across the town.


A routine run by Cromer Lifeboat "Lester", a Tyne Class All Weather Boat.

Happisburgh (pro- haze-burgh) lighthouse, plenty of housemartin activity there, along with the usuals….

and the WWII Pillbox you could see in the first Happisburgh Lighthouse photo

Poppyland Tearoom, an ornate 1940’s WWII/Dads Army themed tearoom,

It was by chance we discovered this tearoom, because the next stop was Horsey Wind Pump, but with it being lunchtime, rumbling tums shout loud.......

The reason for sharing this particular tearoom  is two fold, the first, it's a great place to stop for a tearoom menu, which was second to none, the other, it's very near to Sea Palling (pro Sea Paul-ing) noted for seal watching on the beach nearby and with all these places, there is more often than not a charge to use the car parks. This has seen some have taken in the past to enjoying free parking in the tearoom car park, hence the sign stating a £10 charge for those not using the tearoom.

Dig for victory...

Corporal Jones’ Tea Cosy, “They don’t like it up ‘em”, with a teapot…..

Horsey Wind Pump, National Trust owned, which I'd visited back in the 60's as a child, so it was a nostalgic visit.

The land around this pump and others, is lower than sea level in many places, and these wind pumps that look like windmills, are adopted windmills but for drainage purposes to prevent the low lying land becoming flooded.

Horsey Water Pump was built in 19121, and ceased operation on 1943 after a lightning strike.

Today, a modern wind turbine is used.

The marshland that Horsey protected

the more modern wind turbine to generate the electricity to power a modern pump can be seen just left of the photo centre

I do have some photos from my holidays  in Norfolk back in the sixties, including Horsey, which I'll share as a collage alongside the photos from this visit, which I'll share towards the end.