Pssst, don't tell anyone, but I had another sunny day out!

Well... mostly sunny... and a tad breezy.... but it was better than the recent muckiness we've had to endure.

I decided old faithful coupling of Ferrybridge and Portland, hopeful of returning Terns, visiting Wheatears, long staying Divers and maybe a Kestrel or two. First up, several Skylarks were singing, but none were launching (trying 600 x 0 to see what they look like after posting)

Something interesting there!

Look at my lovely crest

I can look both ways, which is my better side?

Finally a couple took off (in reality, finally I was quick enough with the camera to point n click!)

And the customary in-flight song

I could hear a familiar bird, but couldn't place it as I was moving over the shingle, until I looked behind me, first Wheatear of the season

I could her something else too, and eventually spotted a couple of Meadow Pipits... nearly as grumpy looking as the Goldcrests lol

Still sneaking about

Then an impersonation of one of the Skylarks

A higher pitched squeaking caught my, and suddenly a short distance in front of me a Pied Wagtail had landed, and it proceeded to advance towards me as I was knelt for better angled Wheatear shots

The rest are uncropped

If I was taking a free kick, he would have been booked for encroachment!

The first female Wheatear I saw

A bit of camouflage, and staring at each other, and not noticing me at all!

A couple of times I'd seen a flock of 5 or so birds wheel passed me, or fly off as I'd inadvertently disturbed them, and this time they landed just within camera range... Linnets

The only Wheatear I saw not involved in scurrying or feeding (she was sat for at least 5 minutes before I wandered off)... incubating already? Or just knackered coz she's just arrived?

Finally I saw my first Swallow of the year (one of 5 individuals) but unfortunately it came from behind me (they all did) and it was down to the improved autofocus that I got anything at all!

With my parking time up, I headed down to Portland Bill, hoping for the Little Owl, or Purple Sandpipers, or anything really... I was just glad to be out... Rock Pipit

I stuck this Gull in Google Lens... Gyr Falcon was the first suggestion.... now I know it's a funny angle, but....

Rock Pipit again

A few record shots from the cliff top, Guillemot, Shag, Rozorbills and Cormorant

A Raven, right at the tip of the Bill

Keeping an eye out for invading sea mammals


Peering over the cliff edge, another Rock Pipit I think, but very grey

I headed up toward the Obs Quarry where the Little Owl lives, as I only had about 15 minutes parking left, and walking across the green, Jackdaw and Herring Gull were busy mooching

Glorious Goldfinch caught some sunshine (I couldn't make out the inscription on the jewellery!)

The ever present House Sparrow clan were a few yards further along the path

I loitered at the quarry, and eventually a Dunnock popped out, surprisingly loud

A pair of Maggies brought joy!!

And Jenny gave it a blast

Before flying a little further away

And then my phone beeped to tell me I was outstaying my welcome, so I tootled off home, pleased with the couple of hours I was out.

I hope you enjoyed the ramble, and ramblings, thanks for reading

Stay Safe All