Odds & Sods 2024

Kicking off this year's odds and sods with Starlings in a rainbow on that extreme rarity: sunshine.

It was early morning, with the sun barely cresting the tree line. We were able to get out for our morning walk as it wasn't raining. This photo is my trusty Canon 80D and Sigma 18-300mm lens zoomed in at 300mm.

Pulling back a bit.

And finally all the way back.

Oh, 2024 got off to a good start with this.

So far my cat, perhaps two neighbouring cats visiting our garden, a local fox and Tawny owl, and this trap have accounted for at least five of the beasties. Sightings of rats in our garden are getting rarer, so I think I'm winning. Two rather timid and wary rats, that I know of, are proving more elusive to catch. I've resorted to buying a lethal trap. The trap was triggered, yesterday, but no rat, sadly. Though a mouse might have triggered it, and was small enough to be within the kill bar.

90% luck, 5% field craft, 5% camera skills.