Theberton Woods Suffolk looking for butterflies.

At this time of the year with the birds keeping a low profile, especially when moulting, I find I have more luck with Butterflies and Dragonflies. Theberton Woods does have rarities such as Purple Emperor and Purple Hairstreak, and White Admiral, but no no luck with those this time.

The first things to show properly weren't Butterflies though.

A Nuthatch.

While we were watching the Nuthatch this young Great Spotted Woodpecker landed very close to us and I got some nice close ups with having to move at all.

Just below that there was a Dunnock, possible juvenile.

Then further into the woods, a preening Marsh Tit..

Then at last some Butterfly action.

One of many Meadow Browns.

Speckled Wood.

It was a very good day for Silver Washed Fritilaries, some showing signs of wear and tear.

Then some Dragonflies, a Southern Hawker.

Common Darter.


Probable Small Skipper.



Small Skipper.


Ruddy Darter or possibly Common Darter.

Southern Hawker.

An interesting day out with more bird action than I anticipated, may have to try again for the rarities.

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  • Fabulous set of photos Trevor and despite most of the birds keeping a low profile during their moult you managed to see a good number of butterflies and dragonflies; wonderful close up of the GSW too, thanks for sharing.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Thanks for posting such a grand set of photos Trevor, great views of the young Woodie and the Dunnock too. The Butterflies are so colourful, and very photogenic SWF which I haven't seen around here. Nice to see you are getting plenty of dragonflies too, I have only seen the blue damselflies so far, and with the weather windy and rainy at present no chance of any coming in so good to see yours.

    Lot to learn

  • In reply to gaynorsl:

    Thanks Gaynorsl,
    We could do with some of your rain here in Suffolk, we haven't had any worth talking about for weeks and no sign of any in the near future either.
  • Brilliant photos Trevor, and  I love the detail on the curly proboscis, the nuthatch.and those fabulous dragons/chasers

    i used to love watching the nuthatches when I went to Middleton Lakes, and I will be back there, not sure when, its all down to HS2 (cursed thing) construction which runs alongside and road closures which mean an awkward dertour, not just around there, but closer to home.

    I've also missing out on the banded damsels, which Middleton has an abundance of.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • I saw these last night on my phone, Trevor.... having now seen them on the big screen, the phone certainly didn't do them justice! Wonderful array, beautifully captured, as always :o) Particularly like the head on Comma. I think I've done something to upset someone, as I don't seem to have had a sunny day off in ages!!
    Thanks for sharing :o)
  • Excellent photos Trevor. I particularly like the ones of the Woodies. I have never been fortunate enough to get anywhere near so close, mine seem to be well up in tops of trees ... Well done! The SWF are also fantastic, unfortunately not a native in my area. As you say about birds keeping a low profile, I had noticed that around here, there are very few. I have had a dish of mealies on my bird table - 'Tweeties Diner', for several days now with no takers. Usually they are gone in an hour or so, leaving the sunflower seeds and ordinary bird food!