Down the beach the other day

Paddling Shellduck

and maybe his Missus


Always love to see an Egret among the waving grass

Of course I had to deviate off the path as saw a couple of birds just over the bushes - is this a female Stonechat?

and this her partner

Knee or thigh high in the grasses (luckily it hadn't been a high tide) I was chuffed to see them and left them in peace

Back on the lane once more I came across this butterfly, think it is called a Wall something?  first time for me.

Greylag Geese

Then home......

O'h, this morning I saw a Robin either courtship feeding on the bench in my garden, or feeding a youngster, but it didn't look so young to me, not Titch, I am afraid he seems to have left now, not seen him for a month or more.     The young bb is still around and is turning out to be a beautiful female.

Lot to learn

  • What a lovely stroll down the beach you had Gaynor..lovely stonechat and Wall Brown flutterby.....Will be nice if you have a new robin family ...good to hear the young BB is staying put to keep you company ;-)

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • You're seeing some lovely birds on your recent walks Gaynor and well done on your first Wall butterfly, hopefully this week the weather is going to bring out some more flutterbys and other insects. Love the stonechats, smart Shelduck and always a thrill to see the Egrets. Strangely, we also saw a pair of Greylag land on the pond outside the apartment yesterday but they didn't stay for long. You never know what you are going to see on walks or locally and we hope your garden robins have young; sad you haven't seen Titch but lovely to see all your other garden birds too.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Great stuff again Gaynor, such a picturesque area you live in, are you far from the beach? Shame Titch has gone awol but hope you strike up a similar rapport with a new Robin


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • Lovely selection Gaynor, thanks for sharing.
    I remember the the 1st Wall I saw, and after perusing my books, realising it wasn't anything I'd seen before :o) I still get the same feeling now when I spot something new or unusual :o)
  • Thanks Linda, Hazy and Wendy, I love this time of the year when you get such interaction from all the birds.  Even the Jackdaws are aware they could get food if they sit on the bench or on the line pole!!   Wendy I am about two miles from beach, sometimes I walk down and other times I will drive down to the other side where I could, if I felt like a good walk, get over to Llandonna, which must be four or five miles,  along what is laughingly called the Coastal path, in fact I tried it not so long ago and decided to leave it for another day!!

    I do miss the companionship of Titch, but after six years it had to be that he would disappear.   I hope it was when he left to feed the female or the young and that he was doing what birds do, I will always feel privileged to have known him.

    Just a quick photo now of something that caught my eye on a leaf in the garden this afternoon

    I should put it on the insects thread but hey, it might be easier here - it isn't a wolf spider I don't think, but was quite yellow really, pretty - if a spider can be pretty?

    Lot to learn

  • Lovely set of photos, sorry about Titch, sad he is not around anymore, we would love them to stay for always, hope you make friends with new Robins.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Thanks Catlady, it is always hard when you lose one of the little wild things, you will also have got attached to a visitor in your garden I am sure. Beaky was another bird I fed for a number of years, hard to accept he had gone too, but they have such a short life span and aren't we lucky to share time with them.

    Lot to learn

  • I watch a TV programme called Salvage Hunters Restorers & quite often iit features a leather restorer called Martin Ashworth who has his workshop on Anglesey & often treated to the lovely views of his location! Do you know of it Gaynor?


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • Interesting Wendy, no I haven't heard of him, I wonder if he is over on the other side of the Island, will look him up now.

    Lot to learn

  • Hi Gaynor
    You spotted some lovely birds and managed a female and male stonechat, i love these birds, always there for you to take a photo. Sorry to hear about Titch not being with you anymore, Well done spotting the Wall Butterfly i have not seen one of them before. I have always loved nature but it was during lockdown when i bought a seconhand camera that really got me Interested and i now get out as much as i can to different venues to try and see something different and there is so much to learn that makes it even more Interesting, I went out the other week hoping to see a kingfisher and i thought my best bet was a walk along the river, It was on my way back that i spotted one in a tree
    and managed to get a nice photo. Then they are the days that you think you are not going to see anything and on the way back to the car you see something special that makes it all worthwhile.