RSPB Conwy 18th April

As many of you will have gathered, I'm currently in North Wales, still with a few days left before returning to that urban doldrum, home....

As it was a Bank Holiday Monday, I'd already planned not to travel far, with many people heading back home, making the roads busy, and the reserve at Conwy is around a mile away, and not for me, on main holiday routes, so a second visit took place. Sadly the light wasn't brilliant, so many photos were ditched, but as always, it was a good day.

The morning started with quite a spectacular sunrise

First for the day, a male robin, yes,m definitely male, 

Took some food from my hand to feed his bride to be.

Sadly I didn't have time to swap cameras and turn around to take a photo of the feeding...

Mr Tuftie sporting the slick wet look

and another with the wet look

A blackcap (F) though the male was around, hiding from the camera

I think this is a spotted redshank, any corrections/confirmation gratefully received

I make no apologies for sneaking this one in, as many know, I just love this view down the Conwy valley, toward the mountains I used to frequent...

A mix, cormorants, merganser, various gulls, canada geese, shelduck and an oyster catcher

A poor photo of a merganser, a breed which frequents the reserve

Not a good sight to see, a juvenile gull, ID of which I'm not sure, so suggestions gratefully received, playing with what looks like a  small discarded plastic tub....

I'm sure it wasn't, but it seemed to be washing it. Unfortunately it was too far away to video, and these images were cropped, because I'm sure to many, it would seem to be washing the plastic item, as it swished it from side to side, dropping it and picking it up again to continue the process.

and so it continued.....

More of my favourite beasts, the Carneddau Ponies

at rest

This one came walking quickly from around the corner. I'd like to think it was pleased to see me, but in reality, it was probably more curious who was in its territory....

We can all dream....

Curlew taking flight over the Afon Conwy estuary

A pair of black headed gulls coming out of winter plumage, in flight. I liked this for the colour contrasts

Conwy Castle looking stunning against the sky and Conwy Mountain, before returning back to the reserve and hoping for some sand/house martin snaps....

I mentioned sand/house martin snaps, I nicely got more than I bargained for, a swallow, my first of the year

and a house martin, I think, corrections/confirmations gratefully appreciated [post edit, sand martin, thanks to Bob and Zo for the correction]

Another brilliant day, I'll miss the reserve when I get back home.

I think today is a day with Mrs PR, have to maintain the balance.

I've started the Swifts, Swallows & Martins, share your photos and videos here 2022, so please have a go, share your sightings on the following link:

Until my next reserve visit, and there's still time for The Spinnies, not too far away....


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  •  I didn’t know you were  still in Wales until I saw this post but I think The photos are very good and I hope your enjoying it there.

    I hope you don’t mind but Iv brightened the photo up for you 

    It’s Sand Martin

    heres what hat they look like 

    Hous Martins 

  • In reply to Zo Clark:

    Thank you Zo for the correction.

    Please don't worry about posting the correction on both threads, I appreciate the guidance as I'm sure many others, particularly those who just read and don't post, will do.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • Looks like your having a fab time in Wales Mike...plenty to photograph....thanks for sharing ;-)

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • In reply to Linda257:

    Linda257 said:
    Looks like your having a fab time in Wales Mike...plenty to photograph....thanks for sharing ;-)

    You're welcome, and thank you. Its been brilliant Linda and the first getaway since the first lockdown.

    I'm not relishing going back home, Mrs PR was chatting to her mum, who asked if we wanted anything getting in. During the convo, she asked what the weather had been like there, they've had NO sun!  , but no showers either.

    Don't want to go home......


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