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  •                                               small area with lots of trees and plants  near  the River Severn 



  • Now Iv had a lateral flow test and am negative I’m out of isolation and 

    life gave me a lot of Bumblebees and honeybees. It’s not in my Wildflower border it’s in a differant border 

    but I have had Bumblebees pollinate my wildflowers 


    Garden Bumblebee 

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    Zo Clark said:

    The false Ladybird came from Asia and it outcompetes our (Native) Ladybeetles. 
    here’s more  information about it

    there was lots of Ladybeetles at the Stream today.
    they seemed to like  the Nettles since most of them were on the nettles and there was alot of them mateing on the nettles aswell 

    First, apologies for the late reply, I've enjoyed an extended week in Scotland with no or virtually nonexistent internet connection, and secondly, many thanks for the info.

    Sadly a lot of our native species, plants as well as creatures in all forms, do suffer when non-indigenous settle here.


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  • While outside the Loch Garten visitor centre, there was a ghost ant taking away a dead white tailed bumblebee


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    Thats ok. Im abit late this morning Since I had my breakfast late cause of something I had to do that took a long time. Sorry for the late reply.

    Its good you enjoyed your time in Scotland. 
    It can cause probloms for our Native Wildlife when Species are introduced without checking if it could affect native populations on the island. Some are introduced by accident while others are introduced on purpose without considering if it could affect the Population in the area there released and if they could spread out to other places or country’s and natural landscapes around the world and affect them aswell. 
    normaly non native animals or even plants that only have a few predators compared to native species can outcompete thr native ones, there are native species that have evolved with few predators but usually they don’t cause a problom. Some birds have wings but over generations have evolved with less predators so developed flightless wings instead they tend to walk or run and developed high speed when running instead like the Ostrich for example. Interestingly with insects they have differant stages in development they tend to start of in the larvae stage where there usually flightless and instead come with a different defense mechanism to make up for wings like hairy caterpillars or Formica acid in some flightless ants, and in other insects they can even excrete things with an unpleasant smell. Some also still have those defences when they develop wings though  to ward off predators. Some can excrete a irritating substance. 
    even plants do it. When some flightless insects develop wings like Butterflys and moths some are poisonous so are colourful as a warning so they don’t get eaten. Others depend more on the camaflauge and blending in to a stick or anything in there natural environment. Whereas other insects will mimic a species (batasean Mimicry) there other types of mimicry too. And some even mimic a specific species behaviour aswell as there appearance, 

  • Some humble bumblebee photos from an idle, and rare sunny, day in the garden, watching swifts, bees and house sparrows.


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  • Unknown bee/fly thingie from Slimbridge 07/06

    Unknown green aphidy thingie also

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    Fabulous Photos Mike
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    Fabulous Photos Mike

    Thank you


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    Great Photos PB, especially the bee/fly thingie ?????????????????????????????????