So much for slimbridge!

Everything was going to plan, had sausage baps prepared, left at 07:15, weather better than forecast.... 20 minutes away, driving on M4... Car gets hit by another car. All safe and well but car not safe to drive according to the police. Looks like never destined to get there! Currently typing from a lay-by on the A4174 waiting for taxi home 

  • ***, ignore smileys... I can't do it on my phone!!
  • Oh Bless you, pleased you both safe,but will be shook up,do take care and hopefully not too long to get out of the dangerous situation of waiting.

    Now comes the slog of Insurance ,Repairs ,or having to look for a change of vehicle Doh!!! Big Hugs,do let us know when you safe at home.


  • Jeezo...lost for like me either...glad your both OK though...take care ...hope you get home safely very soon!!
    Best wishes to you and Mrs PB x

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Thanks Kate, safely in the taxi now, insurance all going through as a 'not my fault' incident, and will hopefully get courtesy car from tomorrow
  • Glad you're all safe, PB.

    Not your fault = Aston Martin for the courtesy car, methinks...

  • Well done safe journey.
    Tis soooooo annoying when not at fault, but such a pain having having to deal with all the procedures Grr!!! Whilst thankful for your safety, and security , insurance etc, you could have well done without.

    Wonder if , courtesy car, they,  insist you have an Electric !!!!!!!!

    Take care


  • Thanks Dave, I expect the insurance company will want am excess for the courtesy car... Also Mrs PB says the Aston's are a bit low for her to get in and out of

    Thanks Linda... I can feel your pain in not having to wade through one of my 'little' posts lol
  • In reply to PimperneBloke:

    PimperneBloke said:
    the Aston's are a bit low

    Point taken, PB.

    Look on the bright side: If you're getting rammed for your sausage baps, you're doing something right.


  • Oh crikey, what a bummer. Glad you are both unhurt but even so these things can shake you up.
    That Glossy Ibis is just going to have to wait until you are mobile again.



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  • Oh crap!

    I'm sorry to read about the car, but pleased you're both ok.

    Make sure you have a receipt for the taxi, that can go  in your claim. Most car insurance companies will cover taxi costs.

    Good luck with the claim and getting a replacement car.


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