Catching up with the Reds and Fallows

A few photos from yesterdays walk around Tatton Park in Cheshire, mainly the deer but will start with a young humbug

It was nice to see a young G.C.Grebe (humbug) on the main mere

then it was off to find the big reds;    this stag had several females in his harem,  here's one of them with him

I was using 300mm x 2  lens;    often it was too much focal length but at least it gave plenty of safety   ! 

typical bellowing at this time of year during the rutting season  ..............

and another  !

ok....ok...... we can hear you !!!       

watch out ladies,  he's getting frisky    !!        

the stags are amazingly tender with the females,  it's lovely to see these gentle giants keeping watch over their ladies. 

 It is the ladies who dictate when they are ready to accept the stag

Fallow Stag

and another snoozing  

and a little white ghost crossing the park   !!

this stag was busy keeping one younger stag in check and away from his harem  

a few of the older stags missed out on winning over the ladies .... this was one such individual   "billy no mates"   

looking a bit soulful ..............

whilst the younger males were getting in some play rutting practice  

young fallow buck  

what spectacular coats they have 

young red stag

Ladies in red 

the fallows are just as handsome as the male reds 

one of the male reds

and I think it was time to go when they began sticking their tongue out at the camera      !!! 


Regards, Hazel 

"Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Beautiful set Hazel... I may have to venture into the New Forest on a deer "hunt" as I think that's the nearest to us for Reds... we have Sika at Arne, and Fallow just up the road at Stock Gaylard, but no public access I don't think, and its a bit dodgy leaning over the fence by the road lol
  • I'm pleased you managed to get to Tatton Park, and get a fabulous selection of photos. The juv GC grebe was lovely looking , just as the deer were with all their grandeur.

    Many thanks for sharing Hazel.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • Some seriously good sets of antlers there Hazy, and it looks as if he is shouting directly at you in that one shot, I have never heard them but imagine it can be quite scary hearing and seeing them in action. The young Fallow Buck is so handsome and your photos are so very clear, how you manage to hold that heavy camera and take such steady pics amazes me :-)

    Lot to learn

  • Hi Hazel,
    What a splendid set of photos, with some beautiful action shots of magnificent stags, especially catching them mid bellow and being tender. When I was at Helmingham Hall we could hear loud bellows somewhere out of our sight but the ones we were watching only managed the odd muted halfhearted bellow, we'll have to go back on a sunny day and try again.
    Well done,
  • Gorgeous set of photos, Hazel, thanks for posting.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Fab pics Hazel.....that Youngster GC Grebe is a real beauty...never seen one before

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • What a great set of photos Hazel, fabulous beasties but you don't want to get too close. The Humbug looks so cute as well. We must get up to Minsmere to try and find the Red Stags there, apparently they have started their rut now.
    We sometimes see Fallow at our local NT, Ickworth Park but have no idea where they congregate for the rut and not too surprisingly the NT staff are suitably vague.