Frogs are mating but no spawn

On Tuesday morning, i found a pair of frogs mating in my pond. They spent the majority of the day swimming around but became less active as dawn approached. The next morning, i spotted the same pair but there still didn't seem to have been any frogspawn laid. Since then, the pair have disappeared. The weather was much cooler last night and i am wondering whether this sent the frog pair into a temporary state of 'hibernation'. Also, my pond contains both male and female smooth newts and i have heard that frogs and newts have a bit of a boom-bust relationship. Could the newts be deterring the frogs from spawning? Finally, a few weeks ago, a tall summerhouse was built on the opposite side of the fence to my pond and it seems to have had an effect on the amount of light which reaches the surface of the water at this time of year. i have read that tadpoles need lots of light to develop properly and i am not sure if my pond will be sufficient in meeting this requirement. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

  • Hi there, I have mating frogs but no spawn yet although neighbour across the road in brighter conditions reports three clumps of spawn today ... my big pond is in bright enough conditionns but last year I had to move smaller hatching pond to receive enough light ... I move the spawn because the frogs share big pond with goldfish & I don't want them eating the eggs!
    Still early days for spawm, I am in E Kent & had about eight clumps last year but only hatching from the last couple!
    Good luck!


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