Sparrows House Hunting

We've had a 3 port Sparrow Terrace on our house wall for many years and for most of that time it has been occupied by a succession of Blue Tits and Great Tits with great success. Last year the House Sparrows, who've colonised our hedges the whole time we've been here (21 Years) have finally noticed it. They've always nested in any nook and cranny of the house (an old timber frame with pantiles) and ignored the box, now there are more sparrows wanting it than there is space.

Sometimes there is a surprise waiting for the house hunter.

Some are avoiding the conflict and going under the tiles.

It looks like another busy spring and summer for sparrow families in the garden. It also means we get the occasional Sparrow Hawk visiting.

Photographed through the kitchen window, we've seen the Hawk quite a few times but never seen her have any luck.


  • Fantastic, captures, hope you keep posting the 'comings and goings'...
    Love watching the sparrows, such busy little birds,always eyeing, each other, fascinating, mine playing tag ,and tugging each others bits and pieces.

    Also love shot of,Beautiful Hawk.

    Thank you for sharing,


  • Me thinks you may need to provide some more housing for the residents Trevor!? Good to see them showing an interest, hopefully they will settle into the new accommodation and have babies.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • They had at least 2 broods from 2 of the holes last year and as the house is very old they nest under tiles and behind bargeboards etc. and we had lots of fledglings around the feeders all summer into the autumn. Over the last few years the number of House Sparrows is steadily increasing, and I have no idea how many we have now.
  • Obviously, the estate agent got the appointments mixed up a bit there! Aren't they noisy when they get under the tiles?


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