Butterflies & Moths 2021

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    Thank you, that was my first thought but not sure I'd ever seen one before.



  • The conditions yesterday were slightly challenging for flutterby counting, as although sunny and warm it was also blowing a stiff 5 that seemed to be everywhere so most of my pals were hunkered down or keeping low.  Gatekeeper numbers were reasonable, if not brilliant.

    What is interesting is that there are still Green Hairstreak about and some are reasonably fresh, they have had a hideous year due to the very poor weather in June but I have noticed in recent years that there seems to a few extending the flight period.

    Large Skipper that managed to find a sheltered spot to sunbath 

    Grayling trying to ‘be the tree’ - I struggled to get a crisp image.  The camera had jammed moments before 

    A final treat,  This is a moth that is a Channel Island specialist, known as a Guernsey Underwing - Polyphaenis sericata.  I did manage to get a quick glance of the underskirt to see the flash of orange to confirm 

    Cin J

  • Hi All,

    Just been out looking for butterflies near to home in Suffolk, a sunny but windy day but there were more butterflies about than I've seen recently. Photography was a challenge until I found a spot in sunshine but sheltered from wind by trees.

    Lots of Meadow Browns about plus quite a few Gatekeepers and Common Blues and one Small skipper.

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  • Lovely pics Trevor ... sunny & very windy here in East Kent too but many more butterflies about, even saw two Peacocks at same time on buddleia!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • Hi Trevor, fun snapping butterflies in a breeze, innit? lol
    Lovely snaps, and I think you may have a Brown Argus in the mix too... apparently forewing spot on the underside not near the body is an identifier... but wait for a more experienced eye than mine!
  • PB is right Trevor, you have a Brown Argus in the mix. I think your Small Skipper is an Essex, black tip goes all the way around the antenna so it looks dipped.

    Cin J

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    Hi Cin J,

    They're both firsts for me, at least from the point of view of an informed I.D., I've probably been miss identifying Blues and Skippers for ages.

    Thank you


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    Germain said:
    PB is right

    *is feeling very smug* 

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    There is a thought that Brown Argus and Essex Skipper are potentially under recordered for that very reason, I have the advantage with regards to the skippers as we only have Large and Essex + a minuscule number of Checkered in a secret location (that I'm not party to)

    Cin J

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    I was given this book as a gift for Christmas Trevor Britains Butterflies WILDGuides (other vendors are available) And also the Dragons and Damsels book (also Wild Guides series) and they are both brilliant with clear photographs and descriptions, plus anomalies and all manner of ID tips and background information. I'm not sure who it was recommended them, but was someone on the forum