North Norfolk - Day 3

Stayed local to Brancaster today and walked from the house out on to the sea wall path towards the golf course and then followed a loop round the marsh back into the village.

First sighting just onto the path, Muntjac with young crossing into a corn field.

It was another murky day, first view looking east along the marsh towards Holkham. The boats are moored in the creek at Brancaster Staithe.

Looking west over Titchwell to wards Holme where the bird observatory is located. The distant roofline above the bank is one of RSPB Titchwell hides.

A common as muck Little Egret in lift-off mode.

Yet another Grey Heron scarpering away from us.

A Bwit practising for vertical take off.

Another Heron beating a retreat.

Where have all the GW Egrets gone??? Yet another L Egret having a stretch.

On the grazing marsh area there were hundreds of Greylag Geese and Canada's.

Going into battle formation.

Finally the highlight of the walk. There were 6/8 beardies fliting up and down the reeds along the creek.

This shot caught by MrsT on her pocket camera, our only face on shot.

And another Little Grebe

Also spotted 2 very distant Marsh Harriers and 2 Kestrels as well as gulls.


  • Looked another good day, Tony.... And there's nothing wrong with a plethora of little egrets. The beardies certainly looked very smart. I've never seen muntjac, so that would've been my highlight :o) Lots of compelling reasons being provided recently for me and Mrs PB to head east for our next trip away!!
  • Lovely additions Tony and bonus to get the Beardies, they are such attractive little birds


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Any day you see Beardies is a good day in my book. Nothing wrong with loads of Little Egrets - it was only back in the late eighties that they first appeared in the UK. Glad you had a good three days - blew a few cobwebs away I imagine.



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  • Another lovely day out Tony....Well done to Mrs T on the only face shot of the Beardie!

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Another good set Tony good selection
  • Lovely day out and lovely pics of your sightings. Will have to hunt up your earlier days, presuming you made threads of those. I agree with others that any day you see a Beardie is a good day. And I do love Little Egrets, but neither Mr GB nor I can remember exactly when or where we saw our first one--might well have been in the very early 90s, but that is one of the problems with not being proper twitchers, very little listing over the last 3 decades, sadly, and that mainly when we are entertaining my bird-mad sister (just to show willing--lol!).

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  • Great pics there Tony, I like the Little Grebe and the Greylag lining up, looks a nice area for a walk and to get Beardies also is special.

    Lot to learn

  • In reply to PimperneBloke:

    Thanks PB, we've had Muntjac in our garden, real pests eating all the fresh new growth in spring. Its always good to see beardies but not always obliging to photograph.
    Can't recommend a trip east to either Suffolk coast or N Norfolk coast. We of to the Suffolk coast in two weeks for another week away.


  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Thanks TJ, we had further sightings of beardies on Thurs and Fri but no more photos, too quick. I don't recall a previous visit seeing so many Little Egrets, at every site along the coast. We were also trying to think back to when they were considered a rarity and were thinking 80/90's. (soo Long ago). We did eventually see a couple of Great White Egrets. Certainly blew the cobwebs.


  • In reply to Gardenbirder:

    Thanks Ann, we were also trying to think back when we first saw the Egrets & thought early 90's. We also finally managed to spot some distant Great White Egrets and more beardies.