North Norfolk Day 1

Finally escaped from home, our first trip away since beginning of march to a house in Brancaster next door to Titchwell, yeah. Shame about the weather. Sun we went to Titchwell in 40mph winds and a little drizzle, the photos suffered accordingly, especially down on the beach with sea spray in the air and full exposure to the wind.

First sighting, Little Egrets in the fields along the path towards the beach past the scrapes.

On the first scrape plenty of gulls of various size and colour, along with few Teal, loads of Mallard, some very distant Avocet and other odds and sods.

Next onto the next scrape with dozens of Oystercatchers on the far side with more gulls.

Just before the beach another LEgret.

Onto the beach and the full force of the wind with lots more Oystercatchers along the waters edge and windsurfers in the distance towards Brancaster beach.

In the other direction towards Holme & Thornham lots of gulls in a feeding frenzy along the waters edge with all the goodies being washed up onto the shore by the winds and incoming tide.

The beach was littered with thousands of razor clam shells, muscles etc all washed up by the high winds and tides.

Among the shells quite a few Oystercatchers and Turnstones picking over the remains.

Behind the gulls along the edge were Oystercatchers, Turnstones, Dunlin, Redshank, Sanderling and a few Godwits

Titchwell beach is often covered in shells but have not seen as many as there were this day.

This one is heavily cropped.

A Common Gull, I think?

Then 633 squadron arrived..........

Time to head back and wash the sea spray from all the kit but first..

Next to the path we spotted this Ink Cap (I think) which seemed to have exploded over the surrounding vegetation.

Back to the relative calm of the car and a cup of tea. Day II walk to follow.