It would have been rude not to go to Arne, as weather was decent and I was free!

So I did!

It was an unusual trip, in that it was about 90% insects! And also, I was there for nearly 3 hours, and only took 80-odd pics total. At the Fleet it was 490-odd in a similar time, so it shows it was quiet!

I'm not going to attempt to identify Hawkers, Darter's and Dragons, because Nige totally disheartened me with his "Variable Damsels"!!


Instead, I'll try and group & number them for each individual!

2) This one was quite accommodating, starting on the ground, and then allowing a nice contrast with the fern, and then staying put so I could have the sun behind me with the last shot!


There were only a few butterflies I spotted today, several white's which didn't land, then this handsome Speckled Wood

Pickings were so slim I was even snapping ants!

I got about halfway round the loop before spying my first bird of the day... Distant Stonechat

And another

Then back to the Dragons!

4) Striking patterning on this one

5) Not so much here!

I went down the "Raptor Trail" (still not worked out why it's called that, other than perhaps it leads to a screen with a view of the Osprey nesting platform in Middlebere) where there had been a Wryneck spotted a few days back... I didn't spot one, but I did see some more ants!




As I retraced my steps I realised the party had started... The fun guys were in!!

And so concluded an odd walk around Coombe Heath at Arne.

Stay Safe All

  • Oooh, I do love Stonechats and good to see the dragonflies and busy ants in the sunshine plus the fungi; another good day out for you PB, thanks for the great piccies.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Gosh it was quiet PB, but I think the last time I went to Arne in September the birds were low in number. It's still a good walk and lovely dragons for entertainment and you are getting really good at capturing them

    Cin J

  • Lovely pics PB
    Ants and Fungi aswell..... you are just showing off now

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Good collection of dragons PB, and at least you had the sunshine following you around. The Stonechats are always good to see, don't be down, at least you had your camera with you. I walked alongside a river today and saw a yellow wagtail, heron and .....a dipper - no no pics!!!!!!!

    Lot to learn

  • In reply to gaynorsl:

    Thanks all :o)

    gaynorsl said:
    I walked alongside a river today

    Always take your camera to the river, Gaynor, there'll always be something to snap!!