Recent sightings

Hi all , I hope everyone is staying safe and well. I've been cautiously getting out to a few places a bit further afield from home, fortunately down here in cornwall I can get to places which are are not crowded (at the moment) . Here's a few birds from over the past week or so 

Duckling catching flies on the local pond

It was wonderful to see this Raven after not being able to visit the coast for a few months 

GC Grebe chick getting down a huge fish at the local reservoir 

Linnet feeding youngster

the beautiful sandmartins have returned

Cormorants at their breeding grounds with young 

and a lovely little family of stonechats on the coastpath

Best wishes, Jayne

  • Fabulous photos, and I do like the one of the juv GC Grebe scoffing a largish fish for lunch, well captured.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • Thanks Mike -it's amazing how quick the Grebes swallow them too ! Hope things all ok with you
  • Great to see your pics Jayne, what adorable baby Stonechats, and your first shot of the duckling catching flies is soooo good. As are all the others, I can see you are glad to be able to travel a little now, I have been lucky here as it is pretty secluded and have been able to walk each day without worrying about meeting anybody.

    Lot to learn

  • Beautiful photographs! I especially like the way you captured the sand martin and I love the majestic raven
  • In reply to welshlass:

    welshlass said:
    Thanks Mike -it's amazing how quick the Grebes swallow them too ! Hope things all ok with you

    When you think about it, the fish itself is fairly streamlined head first, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

    I'm fine, just bored witless out of my head with this lockdown and nowhere to go to escape with the local reserves all locked up and surrounded by concrete and HS2 construction!

    I hope you're well, and good to see you, and others, getting out, it takes my mind away from the frustrating situation.


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