Evening time catch GSW feeding juvenile

A total surprise last night around teatime, a pair of greater spotted woodpeckers quite low down on one of our apple trees, the foremost of the two was being fed by the other. My guess, adult feeding juvenile, but if I'm wrong, please feel free to correct me.

The first pics were quickly taken through the kitchen window, for fear of disturbing the pair when the door is opened, so apologies for the poor quality.

This first pic is uncropped

The following pics are all cropped.

I'd missed the feeding on this pic,

The next morsel to be fed....

The next three (all cropped) the adult flew off, I guess to search for more food, so I attempted to go out, hoping not to disturb anything, and managed to get these three pics of the juv GSW before a wood pigeon nearby decided to take flight, and so did the juv GSW.


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