Shhhh….. down by the river.... once again

Well, here I am, not self isolating (key worker) but now having moved away from my usual haunts, not allowed to drive to them for my hour of exercise. What's that you say... I have a blood test... and I haven't updated the surgery with my new address? Well gosh darn it, I can walk to the river from the doctors :o) … and the weather is luverly! I only took the little lens, as I didn't know if the council had shut the area, like many others have been, but nope, 'twas open

First egret in an age on the river, because of the flooding situation

On the far bank was a swathe of what I think are snowdrops

A couple of cormorant were around

There was a napping mallard, keeping one eye on the goings on 

I saw kingfishers on 3 occasions, certainly 2 different birds, possibly 3, but only managed one blurry snap

There were a selection of stripy buzzy things, on smelly pretty things

Peering through the twigs was this shy-bird

There were a lot fewer gulls than I'd seen during the flooding, maybe half a dozen black headed is all

And as I was headed back after my hour, Mr Mally woke up, disturbed by the world and his wife, and their kids and the dogs who descended on the area!

So a pleasant time was had.... what's that.... what about your prescription? Ooops, did I forget to collect? Well I guess I may have to go back next week.... maybe with the big lens ;o)

  • Glad you've settled in to your new abode even if you haven't registered with the doc. I see your bête noire (cormorant) has followed you. Nice to see the Little Egret. This business of not driving anywhere to take a walk is a pain but needs must.



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  • Great to see you back PB, missed your id's (stripey buzzy things on smelly pretty things) You don't need your big lens, those pics are lovely enough.

    Lot to learn

  • Lovely set.

    It's no good to keep going back to your old stomping ground though, as familiar as they may be! When will get pics of the new locality? Or is it more difficult to sneak out with the camera at home? 


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  • In reply to Nigel O:

    Nigel O said:
    It's no good to keep going back to your old stomping ground

    We only moved in last week..... and that was my first trip out at all

    BTW, one of the otters is still about apparently, I think the remaining ones have moved off to find their own territory