In the garden, in the breeze, between the showers....

Day off coinciding with a comparatively dry day (unlike the last month or so) I decided not to tempt fate too much, and to stay home and observe garden life. 

My first thoughts were that despite a couple of trees blowing down, and it being completely rubbish weather wise recently, spring is definitely on the verge of sprunging!!

On the bird front, there was the usual selection of tits (except Great for some reason), finches, a tuneful dunnock, blackbird, corvids and pigeons flying overhead, pheasants and a squirrel who didn't get the spring has sprung memo and decided he was gong to bury stuff by the washing line!

as helpful as ever with their posing positions!

Mrs BB pretending to be a starling on the suet/fat nuggets, although not as messy!!

An unusually reticent robin

There were six female pheasants (only one male regularly visits the garden...can you IMAGINE the earache he gets!!??

Do you think his eyes are bigger than his belly?

Of course, as soon as I packed the camera away the coal tit came and sat on top of the feeder, basically sticking two fingers up at me and singing ner ner ni ner nerrr!!