I would like to get photos of Kites or Buzzards, what sort of environment should I be looking in, in January. 

They're seen over the ranges in spring and summer and I also have the glorious Abberton Reservoir within walking distance. 

  • Buzzards are pretty well everywhere, I normally see a few driving to Minsmere (so near the A14 & a12), but there are normally a few around Minsmere itself (especially over the heathland area where I took this one)

    Kites are harder to see in East Anglia.  Odd ones appear & I think there was a pair nested around Bury St Edmunds last year.  The biggest concentration is probably on the Norfolk coast - there was an introduction at Holkham a while back so you normally see some if you have a walk around the Holkham Hall grounds.  If you go further afield, they buzz the M4/M40 all the time and there are a couple of places in Wales where they feed them.  That's a spectacular sight & worth a few days in the Brecon Beacons


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