Add your "Odds & Sods" here thread ... 2020

  • I see you have your priorities sorted PB, the camera is at the ready!! Good luck with the new house, I am sure you will find a space for all the sh.... Stuff!!

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  • Not a nice time for anyone at the moment Hazel, but its going to be hard for you and Mike when the time comes to move thats if you can move? but we can only hope that you can and everything works out for you both.


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  • With being on a lockdown I am taking pictures in the back garden and yesterday I was going for Hover's in flight :) 


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  • Wow, Jim, that is an impressive photo!

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  • Hope you are staying away from others, Jim. We are trying to, but I won't be completely happy until we get to the end of April and still have not come down with 'it'! Fingers crossed for us all.

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    PimperneBloke said:

    Well we managed our move today, just the nightmare of unpacking and thinking "where did all this shi stuff come from?, And where's it going to go??" Camera's unpacked so I may have a couple of additions for the "I don't know what flower/plant this is " thread from the garden, which appears is going to be less of a "project" than previously thought! Good luck to all those awaiting their own moving updates, and keep safe and well one and all

    I was getting a little concerned at the lack of posts from you, but never realised there was an impending house move, so good to see you've set your priorities right and good to see you back.


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    James G said:

    With being on a lockdown I am taking pictures in the back garden and yesterday I was going for Hover's in flight :) 

    That's a corker of a photo Jim.

    Likewise, I'm also only taking pics from the garden, mainly through the kitchen window, to keep my part of the bargain, though sometimes, early morning, I'll nip out to the garden.


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  • Beautiful day here despite the chilly morning first thing so saved my daily walk till this afternoon when the sun was a bit higher in the sky.     We are surrounded by farmland so social distancing is easy to keep to here.  Today we were watching the Skylarks dancing in the air whilst singing although they are still too distant to photograph and I had to hard crop the pics of them I took whilst they were on the ground.   Common Buzzards were together in the air although I didn't see any courtship, just flying in close proximity to one another.   I managed to get one buzzard in frame.    Must say a walk was a welcome relief from being cooped up indoors all the time and the lungs were glad of the fresh air blowing across the wide open spaces.  

    This is Mike a long way back as we're keeping a good 30 metres away   LOL 

    you can see how quiet our countryside is around here - it's the perfect place to walk at the moment 

    Carrion Crow sitting on one of the huge hay and dried grass heaps 

    there is still the occasional flight traffic heading into Manchester airport   -  this was KLM

    Skylark was a little distant but I managed to lock on some sort of focus whilst it was on the ground;  I have difficulty finding them in the air and following their flight.

    just as it took off 

    Pied Waggie found something interesting in a muddy part of the field 

    the plumage looks a lot darker being breeding season 

    finally one of the two buzzards that came a little closer although at one stage they were right over my head making it difficult to grab pics without falling backwards  LOL

    At one stage Mike went one route and I went another;    as is so typical when I got back to the house Mike said he had seen a Kestrel perched in a tree pretty close,  also a Hare and a wild rabbit      …………………….Grrrrr  !!!!       LOL


    Regards, Hazel 

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