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I don't have much to share from recent days, what with all the rain! These are the first Goldeneye photos I've managed so far this Winter.

I've not seen any displays yet, but it won't be long

You hear a lot about fake news but not much about fake ducks. This one looks very realistic until you spot the label sticking out from under the wing on its back. I think it says, "wash temperature 30C, do not iron."

A frosty Snipe or two

Luckily, it was a mild frost and the ground wasn't too frozen nearer the lake so they were still able to probe for food.


It was more tricky elsewhere. I suspect a flock of fish had come out under the ice and were swimming around taunting this young Heron!

I haven't found a Christmassy Robin so far. This frosty Dunnock is the closest I've got


The view South from the local moors, towards the Mersey. As far as I can guess, the power station is Fiddlers Ferry, so I reckon if a certain forumate waves from her back door she should be able to spot me on top of the moors The far hills on the right must be Welsh. 

I often go a bit arty on landscapes, which isn't for everyone, but here's an impressionist interpretation of a local river - it keeps me busy in the wet


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  • Terrific Snipe shots Nige, your Goldeneye pics are better than anything I've managed so far, can't get close enough. So with your Impressionist tendencies maybe we should call you Nisarrio?


  • That's a lovely set Nige, I've never seen Goldeneye, and are you sure the label isn't a rogue white feather just sticking up?
    Is that "arty" landscape a photo of a view, or is it a drawing you've done (I remember how good the magpie was), either way it's very very good!
  • Super set of photos Nige and love the Mr Gadwall with his washing label lol You certainly got great views of the various birds and love the Snipe and the landscape shots. If you pan more left I can also wave to you from Cheshire lol


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Lovely pics, Nigel, Love the Goldeneye, hungry Heron, Dunnock and the landscapes.

    Kind regards, 


  • Good to see your Golden Eye and Snipe Nigel, but isn't the Dunnock a little cutie, great pics.

    Lot to learn

  • Thanks all
    @Tony: Hmm, Nisarrio eh? Hadn't thought of that as my artistic pseudonym. Good name, good name. I'll have to consider it! I find Goldeneye always swim away as soon as they see people, so I try to get them first thing in the morning before there are too many people around and you still have to be quick or you just get the rear view dwindling rapidly!
    @PB: The river scene is a highly manipulated photo. I might just about be able to do something like that as a drawing, but probably not as a painting - I wish I could!
    @Hazy: I wasn't sure if you'd be on that photo. When I took it, I didn't realise it was Fiddlers Ferry or that it would look that close.


    Nige   Flickr

  • Super shots, Nigel. Male Goldeneyes are such dapper little birds. Whenever they turn up on my patch they are invariably way out of range. I love their displays too with the head back flip.
    Great shots of the Snipe and the much underrated Gadwall too.



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  • Thanks Tony
    I always like to try and catch the Goldeneye displays too, but whether I get close enough for photos is debatable.


    Nige   Flickr

  • Nice photos Nige, and the golden eye is looking lovely.

    Like you, I'm struggling to find a nice Christmassy robin, though I've a couple of other pics I can use.

    Just need the time to edit them....


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