Bird of Prey display today in Dorset

Mrs PB and myself decided to escape the fright of the Great Dorset Steam Fair and venture to the Stock Galyard Oak Fair, where there was a bird of prey display!

The stars of the show

Mere the Kestrel flight shots

R2 and D2 the Harris Hawks flight shots

Playing Hawk Tennis... did they invent the electronic line judge??



Simba the Yellow Billed Kite flight shots

And finally, a Lugger/Peregrine cross who's name I didn't catch (and it's not on the falconers website that I could see either 

  • Wonderful Kestrel flight shots PB & the others are great too ... looks to have been a good alternative to steam rally!
    Never heard of a Lugger, see they are very badly treated in other countries!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • I've been up to the falconry for experience days 3 times, was just coincidental that he was there. He had a Lugger that he's flown for years, but was recently diagnosed with a heart condition so has been retired, the new bird is only about 12 weeks old!