Dark and dismal so thought I'd put up a few I took yesterday

This is a female that has been running wild now for two years, she lives still in the vicinity of the smallholding down the lane and here is her partner

He runs away when I enter the field but she stays around until I am about 20 yards away

and here are their brood, they seem to have grown well and were against a wall leading onto the farmhouse, mum and dad must be about 100 yards away so maybe thinking of another family.

This is one of three wolfhounds that live on the premises, evidently the rabbits are used to them.

Looks like I've been spotted

Mum keeping an eye out

Charge of the hound dogs:-)    they are gentle really

Being serenaded on my way home - not Titch otherwise he would have followed me to the house

Cute though against the evening sky.

Well it's pouring with rain now, good for the garden and blackbirds etc.



Lot to learn

  • Black rabbits, brown rabbits and now white rabbits, you've got the full set there, Gaynor. It's getting a bit Alice in Wonderland. LOL Irish Wolfhounds are rather fine looking dogs in my opinion.
    Grey here too but not much rain yet. I'm missing the mini heatwave already.



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  • What lovely cheery photos to brighten up this dark miserable rain sodden afternoon - just had thunder storm and it's dark enough to need lights on ! Love the "funny wabbits" and the wolf pack lol surprised the rabbits and the dogs get on and one doesn't become the dinner of the other ! Always nice to be serenaded by the robins :) hope you see Tich soon.


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  • I think I'm with Tony on this one: how come you've got all these odd coloured rabbits around. I've never seen any that weren't rabbit coloured. Is someone nipping out in the middle of the night and dyeing them?


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  • OK TJ and Nigel, you're just jealous 'cause I live here in this wildlife haven, well rabbit haven anyway. We have always had black rabbits around though they don't appear every year. Lovely to see them when they do come and it is always just the one in a field and then another an acre or so away. The white one was a surprise to me until I spoke to the owner's of the wolfhounds, (I agree TJ, lovely dogs) and was told that they had a pet white one which decided to do a runner!!!! but appears each summer for a quick feed now and again.
    Thanks Hazy, well we avoided the thunderstorm but the temperature has really dropped:( Still get to see Titch on and off throughout the day when he disappears with a beakful of mealies (soaked) for his chicks. Hope I get to see them this year as I think they failed to raise a brood last year.

    Lot to learn

  • You're probably right but, at least, there is now an explanation for the white one!


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  • Great post & pics Gaynor ... shame about the diabolical weather, saw it on radar as I was checking my area, we have been very fortunate!


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  • Thanks Wendy, I am hoping for improvement over the next few days.......my heating is on again tonight!!
    @ Nigel not only do we get white and black rabbits here but also three colours on the Red Squirrels - apparently all with tufts, black, pale and red :-) I am still hoping for photos.

    Lot to learn

  • I'm lucky enough to live within occasional visiting distance of the Red Squirrels at Formby and they are also surprisingly varied in colour. I have photos of a few with absolutely black tails and when I first saw one running through the trees I thought it was completely black and it was only when it came close that you could its arms and legs were red. When I photo'd them they had moulted their tufts, so I have to go back and get some more :)


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