Beautiful singing bird seen at Luton Airport

I am not an ornithologist although I did visit Slimbridge 33 years ago with school! Whilst at Luton Airport recently I saw this beautiful bird. It was very near me and wouldn't stop singing its beautiful song. I've tried the bird identifier without success. Can someone please identify it for me.

  • Hi Feival welcome to the community.
    It is a Starling, as you say they are a fantastic singer.

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  • Thank you Alan. I feel so stupid as it is obviously a common bird but I don't recall seeing one in London before. Absolutely enchanting to listen to.
  • No need to feel stupid a bird is only common if it is in your area, some people won't even see them.
    They are very good mimics too, they can do a cracking phone ringtone lol.

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  • Lovely pic of the Starling Feival, the beautiful plumage well worth a photo. As Alan says they are very clever at mimicry, here I often think a bird of prey is flying over only to look up and see the innocent Starling just frightening away the Sparrows in order to get the feeders to themselves:-)

    Lot to learn