Seen in Bristol City Centre!

I thought I would share with you my experience.......

Yesterday afternoon the Sun came out for a few hours. I decided to have a walk around Eastville Park in the the Centre of Bristol.

There was the usual Grey Herons to see at the same locations where they are normally seen. I watched each one of them for some time hoping to see one catch a fish but they were all just motionless.

I made my way to the lake passing 3 Kingfishers flying low to the river. There were 5 Goosanders (2 Males) with the mallards.They did not seem to be put off by the many walkers with dogs. Eight Cormorants were sitting high up in one tree and another on the lake constantly diving but not coming up with any fish. There was also many Black-Headed Gulls as well as a Coot.

Along the River I heard a Grey Wagtail but couldn’t see it as it was dark in places. Eventually it showed itself and was constantly on the move. Each Time I tried to focus on it with my camera it would fly further up the river. I got my opportunity when it found an area of flies and I managed to get some great shots.

The Wagtail had actually led me to a Dipper that was on rocks in the river and it would emerge its head completely in the water and come up with a grub. I watched it toss stones over and eat something that was under the stone. I started taking photo's But was concerned that my camera shutter would scare it but it did the opposite, the dipper moved closer towards me. The sun started to shine through the trees giving a beautiful light on the water it was just a few minutes to get some photo's of the dipper before the sun disappeared behind a cloud. On my way back to the car there was a family of Long Tailed tits.

Not bad for a 2 hour walk. How lucky was I.

If you would like to see some more of my photo’s of my day please visit my Flickr page site……

Thank you for looking and have a wonderful Christmas all.


Paul Cousins

  • Excellent photos. Dippers are lovely birds and very photogenic perched in the middle of water. There are a couple in a park near me, too, but they are just of sight of most people and so, aren't always easy to get near, whereas another pair on a stream next to a cycle way also used by dog-walkers are reasonably approachable because they see people pass by all the time.


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  • In reply to Nigel O:

    Fabulous photos of the Dipper Paul.  Whenever I have been lucky enough to see Dippers they have usually been lurking

    in very dark areas under trees, the light (or lack of it making it difficult to get good photos.  Yours are lovely - one of my favourite birds!

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  • Just been looking at your photostream on Flickr - you have some fab photos!

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  • In reply to Nigel O:

    Thank You Nigel

  • In reply to ChristineB:

    Many Thanks Christine

  • Indeed fabulous photos of the Dipper, so very clear.    I managed to see one working a stream in a nearby town, saw it's gorgeous white breast, made up as first sighting, keep looking but the stream is now a river and in full flood.

    Lot to learn

  • Fabulous photos Paul & not the sort of place you'd expect to see them! We often see them with Grey Wagtails too, but none around here we only see them on holidays where there are fast-flowing streams.

    A friend recently asked us what our favourite bird was & I said Dipper & a few days ago she brought a beautiful painting she had done of a Dipper as our Xmas present, to say I was thrilled is an understatement!

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • Stunning shots Paul it's good news how our cities are starting to clean up their act when it comes to the rivers and streams.

    Here in Sheffield you can see Dippers and Kingfishers right in the centre and Otters and Salmon are also starting to be seen.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Hello Alan, I'm pleased to hear that.

    Eastville Park in Bristol is a Wildlife Magnet. Indeed We are very fortunate to see such wildlife without having to travel too far.

  • In reply to Noisette:

    Hello Noisette

    I've seen them in the Cotswolds but I was trilled to see one in the City Park. Yes Dipper's are one of my favourite birds also but I must say I love the Male Black Redstarts most of all. Your present sounds absolutely Wonderful, Why not share it with us and post a picture of it on this thread.

    Here is another photo of the Bristol Dipper.

    Regards Paul