Home Birds update: 29th Aug.

A few photos taken at home around the garden of our resident species and a local Buzzard who got in on the act  !

The birds need no introducing as you'll know what they are

there were a lot of juveniles today, all eager to use the blue plastic tub which I had filled with water and rocks for perches and also enjoying the range of treats on offer from live mealworms, suet and sunflower hearts to homemade pastry !

whole nuts are back on the menu now the chicks are old enough

young robin who looks like the Bearded Lady at the moment    lol

BT was only interested in the pastry with berry suet nibbles

the youngest robin in the garden !    from 3rd brood no doubt.

and one of it's parents

the wren was enjoying the sun and warmth of the log and had its eyes closed half the time although it didn't spread out to sun

the buzzard was mewing and came within decent range for the 300mm focal length

and I found this bee wandering on the patio so took it over to to the Purple Loosestrife where it went into pollen action !

it seemed to enjoy being moved to a more appropriate area !

think it got drunk and nearly fell off    lol

then it lost its footing   !      nice legs !