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    Nigel O said:

    Looks like it's up you, Hazy, to be the first to tempt Walter out, as obviously both Jim and I have failed

      Lol Nige,  it would be nice if Walter was still around but not sure I'll be able to chuck some mealies or waxies out on to the path without providing a lifeboat for the worms - assuming the water levels are still requiring wellies !   Betting that even Walter had to climb above the ground level on occasion to stop him getting foot rot   lol

    @ Jim,  good luck getting the car fixed and hope it doesn't hurt the bank balance to much - so costly these days.

    @ Ann,  Alaska trip sounds amazing and look forward to the photos in due course.      I had to laugh as you described Mr GB and his sketchy directions -  I can guarantee Mike is worse at directions (ie.,  its on that branch over there - right hand twig;    it's perched on the top of the reed;    its on the ground; )   I get so frustrated with trying to fathom out where he means, along with problems with my deteriorating eyesight where I need much more accurate information !  By the time I spot the bird/animal through my eye-glasses,  lift glasses up to use binoculars, then pick up camera and try lock on to the target - it has often flown the coop so to speak !    To be honest, I'm happy to be out amongst wildlife exploring and walking …. and at least my ears are good    lol 


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Thank you Ann, and nice read about your holiday and will be nice to see your picture.

    @ Hazel, hope not I would like to do one job but when you dont have a garage its not nice doing it outside this time of the year :(

    @ Nige, I know someone who has seen a Water rail were we see Walter so he could still be in the area.


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  • Nice stuff boys n girls... :o)
  • I think we can safely say that summer is over.!!

    Male Snow Bunting.

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  • Good to hear that you had a lovely holiday Ann, look forward to seeing the photos.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    James G said:
    I would have left it a bit later Nige, but my mate want to get past Preston before the rush hour

    That's true - I try and do the same but unless it's BT time I tend to hit the estuary hides first. I walked to the hide before sun-up last time, which is a rarity for me!


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  • Thanks for those links Ann, what a stunning bird is the Steller's Jay, such beautiful colour. The Gray/Canada looks very similar to our Pied Wagtail, probably does not wag it's tail though:-)
    Seeing Bald Eagle and Golden Eagles would have made my day, it sounds as if you had a good time and look forward to any photos you feel you can post, never mind how far away they are, just think of my paltry offerings and you won't go far wrong!!
    Pity you missed the Mountain Goat and Moose but had to laugh at your story. I used to drive everywhere for my husband and he often would come out with "buzzard" or Kestrel or something similar that I never could see while driving past, drove me mad!!!!

    Lot to learn

  • Nice capture Paul, not seen one of these for some years now.

    @ Nige, thats what I normally do goto the marsh hides first then go to the reserve.


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  • Oh no.... Maggie got fired out of a cannon

    Look Mum, No wings

    Distant Pied Wagtail

  • A wee bit grainy, but I like this one. It's pretty much the colour of the Forth estuary on most days.!! :-)

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