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    Thanks James, shows the subjectivity of personal preference, as I prefer the 2nd shot lol
    Lovely capture Tony
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    WendyBartter said:
    I'm the same colour as it's wings TJ. super bird & one I don't see any more since 'Woodpecker Alley' near to me was industrialised!! Grrrrr

    And me, though I'm probably even greener....

    It's been eighteen months since I last saw a green woodie!

    Brilliant piccie TJ 


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  • Wonderful photos of the Green Woodpecker Tony, great to see it back in your garden


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • One final piccie, from the car as I pulled up outside home, a sloe bug landed on the car windscreen, showing its underside...

    The squiggly lines are the heated screen elements within the glass.


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    Lovely pictures Alan, have not been out in the right places recently to see any LBJ's.



  • Lapwing and various Gulls




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  • A WillowChaff from this morning.

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  • A little beauty Alan, lovely pics.       We went for early morning walk but no photos till we got back to our rental property and were watching the gorgeous little House Martins nipping back and forth to feed a late brood,  maybe 2nd brood but possibly a 3rd.   At least here they seem to have had an excellent breeding season thank goodness.

    Only record shots but these are nearly fledged;   one is outside the nest trying to keep it's balance on the BT wire whilst its sibling is in the nest - think others in this late brood have fledged already.

    the adult is just coming out of the nest having fed another inside the nest and the Martin on the right is just fledging ..............

    the new fledgling nearly losing its balance ! 

    you can see the one inside the nest in this shot

    adults making many trips back and forth all day long;   I read that fledglings from an earlier brood can often help to feed young in the nest.

    sorry about such poor shots but they are right up under the eaves and amongst several BT and satellite cables  !!    


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Lovely pics from you all, the Lapwing, Willowchaff and House Martins. Hazy I think you have done a good job getting those photos, and made up to see youngsters still around and being fed. Hopefully this week the weather is staying calm and warm so they will have a good chance of fledging. Interesting to read that youngsters from an earlier brood will return and feed the next brood, if only more did that.

    Lot to learn