Seagull nesting on our roof

I'm delighted to say we have a herring gull nesting on our roof. Sorry to have so many questions...anxious parent thing... Our house is about 100 yards from the beach so these gulls belong here as much as we do (if not more). A nest was removed from a neighbours roof last year so we'd like to give 'our' gull as much protection as possible. From other threads I understand 'licensed' operators may be allowed to remove the nest - who would or could initiate a request to remove the nest? - can we head off any request at source at (say) the local council? If we make clear they (the gulls) are operating with the knowledge and consent of the landowner (us) would that help or be more likely to draw attention to their existence? Would the laws of trespass be sufficient to protect them? The roof is a South facing flat roof and gets very hot in full sun. Would a bowl of water help them? Would it be best to leave them entirely alone? Any advice/suggestions or experience would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi John, sorry no one has got back to you yet. As you say it is illegal to disrupt or interfere with any nest during the breeding season. There will be local councils or bodies that have for whatever reasons have legal rights to do so, in whatever particular place that may be. I would have thought that as the nest is on your house in your grounds, and that if you were okay with this, no one can remove it. As you say you are on the beach front, the birds will be well aware of the correct place to nest and I am sure will raise their young okay. I would leave well alone and the birds will do the correct thing. I stand corrected by anyone more knowlegeable than me, who can give you other information.

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