First of all, on behalf of Dave and myself, we would like to say thank you for all your comments. They certainly make interesting reading and it's great to know so many of you take an interest in our work with the sea eagles. 

One subject that everyone talks about on Mull is the weather!  Yesterday and today were absolute contrasts.

Yesterday the forecast told us to expect sunshine and showers but instead we had wall to wall sunshine, and the four layers I started off with first thing in the morning, rapidly reduced to a tee shirt by lunchtime.  We had great views of both chicks on the nest much to the excitement of the visitors.  Skye and Frisa not to miss out on the attention gave us some fantastic flying displays - and if that wasn't enough, a golden eagle gave us a beautiful flypast too.

During the past week, Channel Four's 'Time Team' have been on Mull working on a dig just outside Tobermory.  They have made some significant finds and we look forward to seeing it televised next year.  Of course, they also wanted to see our eagles too!  So in the early evening sunlight, we took 12 members of the 'Time Team' crew down to the hide.  I wish I could have taped their reactions on seeing Frisa on the nest with two chicks and Skye sat next to them roosting on a branch, soaking up the evening sunlight.  They were just completely blown away - there were shrieks of excitement and delight at seeing the birds and a genuine admiration for them.  They were a great bunch and really appreciated the beauty of these birds. A perfect end to a perfect day.  I left Loch Frisa with the sun going down, Skye and Frisa settling down for the night with their two chicks.

Time Team visit the Eagle Hide - Loch Frisa - photo Debby Thorne

C4's 'Time Team' at the Loch Frisa Eagle Hide

Today, however, I woke to the sound of the rain lashing against the windows.  The forecast was for heavy showers, but clearing late morning.  As I drove to meet the first trip at 10.00am, I wondered how many would actually brave the weather and be waiting for me.  Everyone was there - all waiting eagerly.  We drove down to the hide, as the trees disappeared from view and the clouds came down and the rain got harder.  Some of the group managed to get a glimpse of Frisa and the chicks but that was it.  Despite the rain, there was a great atmosphere in the hide.  As the day went on, the rain just seemed to get heavier and the clouds thicker.  At one point we couldn't see the other side of the loch.  As I went to meet the 1.00pm trip, I thought "there really won't be anyone there in this weather".  But I was wrong.  A young couple, and a family with two young children, eager to see our birds.  They were really keen and were desperate for a view a white-tailed eagle.  Deep down, I really didn't think we would have much of a chance.  When we got to the hide, we could just make out the birds on our feeders (our trusty great-spotted woodpecker didn't let us down) let alone trying to find a soggy eagle.  We settled down to watch our 'Eagle Odyssey' DVD - a fantastic RSPB film which had everyone glued to the screen (although I had one eye out the window in case anything flew past).  No-one seemed to mind the rain - everyone was just happy to be in the hide learning lots about the eagles.  It was great to see the enthusiasm of the children as one day, hopefully they will take over looking after our wildlife and indeed, the planet.  As we were beginning to pack up, through the raindrops on the window, I caught sight of one of the eagles!  Everyone dashed out into the rain - minus hats and coats.  There, in all her glory, was Frisa - she flew over the loch, circled several times, so close to us, that we didn't need our binoculars.  The joy and excitement on everyone's face was priceless.  You really couldn't have asked for more!  What a great end to the day.  Oh and the weather did clear - about 7pm this evening the sun finally poked its head out.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Great Spotted Woodpecker - Loch Frisa - photo Debby Thorne

Here is the link to the excellent live sea eagle webcam whose chicks are the same age as Skye and Frisa's. Estonian Webcam

Dont forget our friends Kate, Chris, Simon, Gordon and Martin on the new-look 'Springwatch' which is back on Monday, BBC Two 8.00pm.

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Debby Thorne RSPB Scotland white-tailed eagle Information Officer

  • Hi, its great to find you have a blog running on the Sea Eagles down at the Loch. I was one of the mottly band in your photo above...the blue fleeced gang!

    A big thankyou for turning out so late in the day to show a group of dusty and tired archaeologists your wonderfull eagles.  It was a highlight of my trip certainly, and I would return to Mull like a shot given a chance!

    I hope all is well with Skye and Frisa and will check back often to see how they are going.

    All best wishes, Tracey

    Reply: thanks Tracey. Glad you all had a good visit. Let us know when the Time Team programme from Mull might be aired.

  • Unfortunately our school system does not let us see Debby's photos. We can get the Estonian webcam though so we keep track of the birds with that. Thanks for your reports Dave and Debby :}

    Reply: That's a shame you cannot see the photos - at least you can see the webcam as the chicks are the same age as Skye and Frisa's!

  • Many thanks for the brilliant views of the Sea Eagles we had on last Thursday's 10am trip with Debbie.  Very informative and we read your blogs all the time.  Keep them going and hope to see you next year.

    Reply: Glad you had a good time!

  • Hi Debby we are not sure BarbaraAnne that it is a small nest heard of someone lying on a Sea Eagles nest perhaps Debby or Dave might comment or perhaps this blog ought not to go on.Leave it in your safe hands Dave.Best wishes.What a nice blog from Lucyloo so good when people get such a buzz from these great Mull ambassadors.  

  • I watched the wonderful interview that you did Dave on the UTube link. Brilliant..

    You are so articulate and knowedgable about these wonderful birds...

    Plus thanks Debby for putting the photos up. Mull may not have a webcam due to vagaries of where Skye and Frisa will nest but the photos give us a real insight into their surroundings.

    I too have been peeping in now and again on the Estonian Eagles....They are really huge now, I keep thinking one of them is going to fall off that small nest..!!!