Well, Heather is turning out to be a quick learner.  On Friday as we watched her in a field in front of the Hide, it was clear she had caught something and was feeding.  It was very difficult to see what it was, but I was surprised how quickly she had managed to work out how to catch something.  Today, she took another step forward in her journey towards independence.  As we looked out of the Hide window, we saw a large bird hunting over the crag in the distance.  From the profile, we could tell it was a sea eagle but on closer inspection with binoculars we were taken aback to see the dark brown profile of our Heather!  She had her legs and head down, looking for prey - she wobbled slightly but eventually slipped from our view.  Amazing at this early stage she has started hunting for herself.  Skye and Frisa will still be bringing in food for a while yet but the fact she is hunting on her own means she has the instinct to go out and look for food herself.  What a gal!


Breaking news tonight!  If you check the Google Earth movements for Mara and Breagha, for the first time, neither birds are on Mull.  Mara has been flying around Morvern and Breagha has been up to Loch Maree.  These birds are now out on their own in the big wide world.  Without the satellite tags, we would have no way of knowing their movements and would have to rely on sightings.  Its great that we are able to keep an eye on their movements but at the same time, we know they have lots of dangers to encounter.  Again, in the news, report of a buzzard found poisoned http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/highlands_and_islands/8166855.stm

Please encourage family and friends to support our campaign to protect Birds of Prey.  Here is the link to sign our pledge Birds of Prey Pledge.

Tonight as both our youngsters, settled down for the night, let's hope and pray they stay safe.   With most of the chicks now fledged on Mull, it brings home that these birds have an incredible journey in front of them - leaving the nest is only the beginning.

Let's hope Mara and Breagha stay safe.

I apologise for the quality of this photo but someone asked for a picture of Heather - this was taken last Friday in the rain from a long way away but at least gives you a glimpse of our beautiful bird!

Photo by Debby Thorne - Heather, our female chick


Debby Thorne, White Tailed Sea Eagle Information Officer, Isle of Mull

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  • Hi guys yes I would all agree about poisoning,egg thieves,shooting of birds etc,so frustrating and painful when judges give lenient sentences but all other crimes seem to be of the same principle.Think if someone committed crime against a judge he would take a tougher attitude.Mex it is important you stick around you are one of wildlife's champion.You prodded Sooty and Sweep to sign both of pledges on your blog otherwise we may have thought one more voice wouldn't make any difference.There is the clue GaryS Sooty signed the pledges oh but had to use real name but it is there believe me.Mex you know Sooty and Sweep love you platonic of course please keep up the good work and PS look up Time Team dig Napoleonic prisoner camp Norman Cross if you can find anything on web the ships etc prisoners made out of bones unbelievable.Sooty looked after what had been Commandants garden when any spare time from school.

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  • LizLFW: is the problem not partly that prison sentences AREN'T being given for poisoning offences (in contrast with egg-stealing etc)? And, as you say, small fines are no deterrent to estate-owning investment bankers with a penchant for grouse and for gamekeepers who are prepared to lay poisons.  Hope you have all signed the Irish petition against poisoning eagles, as well as the RSPB's Birds of Prey Pledge? Sooty: happy to stick around here if that is what Dave and Debby want. I just wasn't sure if the RSPB was wanting us to filter off to the Forum sections instead.  GaryS, re Sooty: look at the clue in my last posted message....