Oh how I chuckled to myself as that song came on the radio this morning!  As I drove up to Loch Frisa, I wondered why I had bothered doing my hair as I knew within the space of half an hour I would be resembling someone who had just stepped out of the shower!  The rain has been pretty persistent for a few days now, not heavy, just persistent.

This morning our forward viewing hide was moved into place.  It is positioned in the field in front of the main hide and our local farmer has kindly given us permission to use his field in order to give us a view of the nest, far enough away that we don’t disturb them but close enough for us to get a really good view of the nest.

I took the first group down this morning and through the rain, we were able to make out a very soggy looking Frisa sitting on the nest.  This afternoon we saw her sitting on a tree near to the nest and then fly off for a well earned stretch of the wings and a spot of lunch.  Skye had sneaked in round the back and taken over nest duties.  In this weather, the bird that is on nest duty will be protecting the chicks from the wet and rain – they will be well hunkered down in the nest, protected from any wind too.  I know some of you were concerned as Dave had only seen one chick the night before, but Skye and Frisa are great parents – they will be sheltering and feeding the chicks as they have done for years gone by!  They are well experienced and are used to this type of weather.  Once the weather clears, we will let you know – we have every faith in Skye and Frisa.